Why Us

Below are few of the several reasons

We are a local company having extensive experience and knowledge of delivering quality services in the arenas of end to end bookkeeping, accounting, financial reporting and analytics etc.


We have more than 10 years of extensive experience of working in the outsourced environment for variety of industries.


We believe in helping our clients to save on the bookkeeping and accounting aspect when they hire us as their back office team. Therefore, we always try to come up with solutions which are cost effective and tailor made just to meet the requirements. Additionally, against in-house cost, you can also save time and money towards recruitment, training, admin and routine infrastructure expenses.


Our approach is completely process driven and strong documentation is in place to ensure smooth operations in the long run.

Safe Working Methodology

If you already have a software installed on your computer, we will remotely log in to your system and access the software. We can log in remotely through VPN or RDP or Log-Me-In or Go-To-My-PC. All the documents and information can be transferred to us via our own secured FTP or DropBox or Google Docs or ShareFile etc. Alternatively, you can mail them or we can collect it once in every 7 / 15 days depending upon the service agreement.

A la Carte Pricing Model

We offer range of services for you to choose as per your budget.

Regular Meetings

Regular telephonic or web conference or personal meetings can be arranged at your office with the assigned Manager to stay tuned and aligned.